Birthday slideshow to a man

Thinking about how to wish a man a happy birthday? Give him an original and free slideshow. Add a photo and video of the birthday boy, touching words of love and pick up a chic musical composition. The hero of the occasion will appreciate such a present. A few minutes - and your gift is ready!

Slideshow on the birthday of a man. How to create

It doesn’t take much effort to create a gift։ a few good photos, sincere wishes and a couple of minutes.

Choose the design you like and press «Create Video». When choosing a design, pay attention to various effects.  

choose a video design and create a video


Upload from 10 photos (or videos). The more photos you upload, the more touching the present will be. Let the birthday boy remember the brightest moments of life.

uploading photos


You can edit the text if you wish. Sign photos with words that come from the heart.

add words from the heart


Not long to wait! A few more clicks…

How to download a birthday slideshow to a man

After uploading all the photos, you will be asked to choose a simple design, or a paid one with more serious effects and complex processing.

P.S. We recommend using paid design for the important events.


выбираем тариф


Write your E-mail address and wait for the news.

add email


Please check your email after submitting order. If there is no letter for a long time, check the “mailing list” or “spam” sections. By clicking on “my video”, you will know when it will be ready. If there is no time to wait, it is possible to pay for an acceleration (99 rubles) and the order will be processed out of turn in 1 hour. instead of the standard 10-12 hours.

checking mail


As soon as the birthday slideshow to a man is ready, you will receive another email. Follow the link and enjoy 🙂If you do not like how the images were cropped, repeat the order and press on the desired one after uploading (in the editing window).

If you have an important event, choose the paid version. Choose a free one (with relatively simple effects)? There is a “click on me” button waiting for you. If you wish, you can replace the music (or upload your own). Your video is downloading.

Happy viewing!

get the finished video


Decorate the holiday of your loved one by giving him a slideshow from the most vivid and touching memories!

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Nelly G.

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